The Teddy Bear Exchange is an I*EARN project.

An on-line collaboration for the children of the world.

Over 5000 classes participated in the project
between 1996 & 2004.

This project was

by the Global
Classroom Project

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The Bear Project
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After 8 years I have unfortunately run out of time and energy to continue to faciliate this project which was available for all schools across the world. If you are a member of iEARN the project will now be run through the online forums -

Thank you to all those who participated,
Muriel Wells (Project Facilitator)

To participate in an English Language version of the Teddy Bear Exchange you will need to join iEARN

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Over the years teddy bears have been  exchanged between many countries including Argentina, Canada, Ecuador, England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Romania,  Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, the USA, Australia and many more countries - over 5000 classes participated. After they were matched participants sent each other bears, maps,
photos and local mementos by airmail. When the bear arrived it sent back diary entries via email about its experiences.
Many teachers and students developed close associations with their partner classes.


The Aim of the Project

The aim of the project was to team pairs of schools and have them exchange a 'Teddy Bear" or other soft toy. The bear then sent home a diary by email describing its adventures, the places it has been, as well as the things it had seen and done.
The project aimed to enhance understanding and acceptance of diverse cultures.

Language Arts, Study of Society and Environment,

This project provided the stimulus for children to learn more about other places and cultures through the bears' experiences, fostering tolerance, understanding and hopefully breaking down cultural barriers.

This varied from whole class responses to individual children under the guidance of their teacher. Most bears made home visits, went on excursions, participated in class activities, enjoyed social events - in fact everything that the children did was written about in diary form and sent home.
This project was only be limited by the imagination of the participants.




iEARN is the 'International Education and Resource Network'. It is a world wide nonprofit organisation which aims to develop tolerance and understanding in school students about humanitarian and environmental issues. It also seeks to empower children through the use of telecommunications and bring them to the realisation that they can make a real difference in the world.



An on-line collaboration for the children of the world!
We were awarded 2nd prize in the nonprofit organisation section of the Childnet Awards in London in January, 1998.

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