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What are collaborative projects?
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Some examples of current and past projects coordinated or co-cordinated by
Australian teachers and students

The Reptile Atrium Project
An international email exchange of information about lizard species across the world, this project is designed to foster understanding of different cultures and their fauna.Reptile information from different countries will be displayed on a dedicated page on the Reptile Atrium Project web site.

For more information visit the project website or the Animal Forum

The Great Apes Project
An online collaborative project for children of the world to discuss issues and raise awareness of the plight of the great apes through online activities, research projects, action projects and creative exchanges of art and other materials between participating schools

For more information visit the project web site

Breaking the Silence
Social, religious and cultural issues heavily impact how disease is viewed and combatted in global communities. In this project students can have discussions around the prevention of infectious diseases through vaccination and preventative behaviours.
Student privacy will be protected if requested. The project provides a venue where victims of disease can share their stories anonymously and gain support from the wider global community.

For more information visit the project web site

Students are asked to interview members of their immediate family, extended family, neighbours or friends in the local community. They should ask them about experiences in their life that have been affected by the events of world or local history. Events may include war, natural disaster, migration, important discoveries, monuments, famous places and so on. Students should focus on the impact on the family.

For more information visit the project web site

Year 1945 Project
This project asks students to investigate an aspect of life in 1945 in their country.They are to act as a newspaper reporter and write in the first person as though they are there at the time. Ideas for topics could include any natural disasters, scientific breakthroughs, fashion changes or post war reconstruction that occurred in 1945 for example.

For more information visit the project web site

The Child Labour Project
The project continues to bring together young people in research on and discussion of issues relating to children's rights and the burdens carried by many millions of children through excessive
and harmful labour. The project provides the potential for young people to adopt action agendas to assist in the abolition of the worst forms of child labour and to provide educational opportunities for children around the globe. Young people are encouraged to contribute, in whatever form they choose, in reporting on the
situation in their country or their nation's attitude to child labour issues.

For more information visit the project web site

The First Peoples' Project
Do you have indigenous students in your class?
This project allows indigenous students around the world to share their art and writing. Each year students produce art work and writing on a specified theme. The theme for the 2006 -2007 exchange is Traditional Stories.

For more information visit the project web site

Christmas Card Exchange
Teachers and students prepare an envelope with Christmas cards to send to the other participants prior to Christmas. Each school will be placed in a group with approximately seven other schools and will prepare either handmade or purchased cards (decorations
may be included) to send to each of the other schools.

For more information contact the project coordinator

For more information about iEARN projects or to join iEARN Australia, contact iEARN Australia