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Aims of the Project
To raise awareness among students around the world of the threatened extinction of the Great Apes in Africa and Asia and to encourage initiation of actions to save the great apes from extinction. This will be approached through developing a collaborative online project for teachers and students. The project will be open to all schools and will draw participants from countries around the world through the iEARN online network.

Project Description
An online collaborative project for children of the world to discuss issues and raise awareness of the plight of the great apes through online activities, research projects, action projects and creative exchanges of art and other materials between participating schools. Student work will be published on the project website.

Components of the Project
Regular online activities including research activities and competitions. It is planned to have a monthly activity/competition for students involved in the project. This could take the form of a competition, a research activity, quizzes and other activities. There will be the opportunity for teachers and students involved in the project to suggest suitable activities.

Research component
Students will research the situation of the great apes and share their findings with other students around the world. This work will be published on the web site.
The Ape Alliance website is a great place to start your research.

Writing exchange
Students will contribute writing (stories and poems) about the great apes.
These will be published on the web site.

Art exchange
Students will contribute artwork depicting things such as the great apes, their habitat and their situation. This will be published on the web site.







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