Karen - Thailand

Humanitarian Effort
Bairnsdale Secondary College, Victoria, Australia

Siriluck at BSCKoorie students at Bairnsdale Secondary College held fundraising activities and approached the Student Representative Council at the College to donate money to support the Karen students in Thailand. This was presented to Siriluck Hiri-O-Tappa when she visited the school in 1998. This, together with money raised by other schools has enabled the purchase of additional educational supplies to support the three schools who are participants in The First Peoples' Project.

The money also provided for the employment of a teacher aide at Umphangkee School.

Humanitarian Effort
International School Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Thailand

The students and parents of The International School Bangkok donate used clothes, toys, school supplies and books to be given to the Karen students and hospitals in the area.

In Feb. 1998 and 1999, the fifth graders, under the supervision of Mrs. Josephine Galemmmo, ran a "Pet Show" to buy school supplies and canned food as a part of our project.