Newsgroup discussion between Taos Day School, U.S.A. and Bairnsdale Secondary School, Australia - 1995

The project originated, in late 1995, as email and newsgroups discussions held between students and teachers on issues of indigenous history and culture. One of the key questions was: "What benefits and disadvantages has colonization brought?" The students at the two schools discussed and debated this topic. Their writing was published in the first edition of The Meeting Place.

iEARN International Teachers' Conference, Budapest, July - 1996

The project was further developed through discussions held at the iEARN International Teachers' Conference, Budapest, July, 1996. Teachers who worked with indigenous students met at gthe conference and planned the first Indigenous Global Art Exchange. A project coordination team was formed.

Humanitarian Effort - 1997

The Humanitarian Effort started in 1997 when students in USA and Australia viewed a video sent by the Karen teachers in Northern Thailand as part of the art exchange and decided to start raising money to support their fellow students in northern Thailand so they could continue their education. In 1998 it was extended to support Sumu and Miskito Indians students in Nicaragua. Today it is an on-going effort to assist indigenous communities in meeting educational, social and economic needs.

The Meeting Place 1997 - 1999

The Meeting Place was published for three years and distributed to the project participants. It provided a venue for student writing to be published. The Meeting Place was published in English and Spanish.

The Indigenous Global Art Exchange Calendar 1998 - 2004

Each year a calendar was produced showcasing art from each participating group.