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Based on a sketch by Colonel Mundy

Windradyne was a great warrior of the Wiradjuri. Wiradjuri country was just over the mountains from the coast where the invaders first landed. It had rich river valleys and land that provided all thier needs. Europeon invaders intruded on the Wirujuri country. In 1814 they built a road on the old trade routes. Windradyne and his people were forced to move from their land onto less furtile land were there wasnt enough food for then to survive so they would kill sheep and cows.

In 1822 Windradyne decided to fight back by attacking the invaders live stock. The invaders were so angry that thy sent soldiers out to arrest the Wiradjuri people. Windradyne gave himself up so the soldiers wouldnt hurt his people. He was sent to prison for a short time.

In 1824 some of Windradyne were killed by settlers. Windradyne wanted to avenge these killings. This was according to Wiradjuri law. This lead to many massacres of Wiradjuri people but Windradynes efforts had lots of inpacked on settlers and ended the career of the Govenor and Colonial Secretary. The Wiradjuri people lost what they had - thier land , thier freedom and thier way of life.

In 1835 Windradyne was takes to Bathurst Distric Hospital because he was wounded in a fight. But Windradyne refused thier help and went home to his people were he died.