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Stolen Innocence-A poem on child labour

Sarah Khan, BSS Pakistan

Hi everyone!

This is Sarah Khan from BSS Pakistan

Here is a poem I wrote on child labour. Our class did a dramatized version of it on Human Rights Day:) Do comment!

Tear brimmed eyes scan the garbage

In search of cans and food

The eyes that never saw

The sight of playgrounds or school

The dry chapped hands that only felt

The touch of hammers and rags

The hands that only know

How to clean and scrub

And not to write and draw

The dusty feet that have never felt

The touch of a warm shoe

Or felt beneath them

A carpeted floor

The feet that only know

The prick of thorns and rocks

A child, child like us

Who should have gone to school

Who should have read the books we did

And eaten ice cream on a hot summer's day

Instead of picking through the trash

Or weaving carpets with fingers that

Were meant to hold pencils and pens

A child, with childhood stolen away

Sarah Khan
BSS Pakistan


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