This is an archive of discussions, research and action undertaken by students in the

iEARN Fight Against Child Labour Project
in the period 1997 - 2004

As this is an archive extending back 10 years, some external web and email links
will not now be valid.
Some internal links do not operate in this archived format.

Current work in the project and project information information can be found on the project web site.

East Timor Support: 2001

East Timor Support: 1999 - 2000

Links to useful WWW sites

Building a school in Nicaragu

The Dilemma of our Society, Arsalan Tai, Pakistan

The Real Face of our Society, Madiha and Ghazal, Pakistan

Poems from H.S Padmakshi,Bangalore, India

I believe that we can do this, Ahmed Gamal, Egypt

Spread the Word, Alisa Gragert, USA

Thoughts and Dreams, Michael Tulloch, USA

Child Labour in Pakistan, Faizan Ahmed, Pakistan

World Day Against Child labour, Muhammad Salman, Pakistan

Child Labour: Zain Abbas Rizvi , Al-Murtaza School, Pakistan

Poems from Metropolitan Learning Center
Bloomfield, USA

A True Story: Chris Hwingwiri, Mucheke High School

Childhood by Amir Husseini, Al-Murtaza School

Child Labour by Asad Hasan, Al-Murtaza School, Pakistan

Some words about the child labour in the world, Nijat, Azerbaijan

Our Role In Child Labour: Mirza Mohammed Hani, Al-Murtaza School, Pakistan

Child Labour: Abbas Sadiq, Al-Murtaza School, Pakistan

The Healers for Poor Souls, Muhammad A, Fatimiya School, Pakistan

Two Poems and an essay from AKHSS, Gilgit, Pakistan

Child Labor in the Northern Areas of Pakistan,
AKHSS, Gilgit

Mark Larbi Addo, Accra, Ghana

Two reports from Muhammad Salman, Pakistan

They never enjoy their lives, Muhammad Asif Devjiani,
Fatimiyah Boys' School, Pakistan

Give Respect: Muhammad A, Fatimiyah Boys' School, Pakistan

Victim of Child Labour: Palitha Aluthdunne, Sri Lanka

Children: Dania Siddiqui, Sultan Mohamed Shah Agha Khan School

Child Labour:Amber Virani
Sultan Mohamed Shah Agha Khan School

Red Card to Child Labour, Amr Ahmed Mohammed, EBS, Egypt

Egyptian Cinema and the problem of Child Labour, Nagla El Baz, Egypt

"Oh My God!" by Mame Coumba Mbodji, Senegal

Nike by Chia Wei

Interview de Senegal

Message from Ghana: from Jared Nii Tackie

A Message for a Child
By Mohammed Sayed Aboshosha, EBS,Alexandria, Egypt

"Suzan" by Nanis and Sarah, Ramses College, Cairo - Egypt

Presbyterian Secondary School-Osu, Ghana

by Hend Khaled, Ramses College, Egypt

The Camel Kids, Sarah and Saba, Habib Girls' School, Pakistan

Essais de Collège des Jeunes Filles
Martin Luther King de Dakar

Some useful statistics (from Kebebew Ashagrie):
contributed by Hend Khaled, Ramses College, Egypt

"Stolen Innocence"-A poem on child labour
by Sarah Khan, BSS, Pakistan

"Stolen Innocence": Jared Nii Tackie, Ghana, West Africa

"The Lovely Little Rose" by Sarah Magdy, Egypt

Trip to Nabatiyeh: Valley International School, Lebanon

"What a life Romany!" from Hend Khaled, Egypt

The Story of Hamdeya: Yasmine Samy

Girl Child ... Child Abuse:
Mucheke High School, Zimbabwe

"I was heart broken": Entumbane Secondary School,
Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Essays from El Nasr Boys School,
Alexandria, Egypt

Poems from Mucheke High School, Zimbabwe

"Fight for our rights": essays from
Minda Secondary School, Zimbabwe

Art Thou a Child?:
Sarah Alam

Letter from Georgia

The Children Suffer
Sarah Alam, Pakistan

Valley International School, Lebanon: Presentation on child labour

When will you stop tormenting us?
Quame-Amaglo Justice

Mucheke High School

Dying Innocence
Sarah Alam

Who is to blame?:
Mahesha Weerasinha

Camel Jockeys:
Sarah Alam

What Happens When at Work: Sarah Alam

Samuel Darko-Duodu:
"This law must be re-enforced"

Poverty and child labour in Thailand ... Maki, Tan and May

Child labour in Kyrgyzstan: Ulugbek

"Child labor is the main problem of third world countries or developing countries.": Sarah Alam, Pakistan

Poem by Godfred Duah, West Africa Secondary School

from Palmetto Middle School, USA

Poems and essays on child labour from Royal College, Sri Lanka

Quame-Amaglo Justice, West Africa Secondary School

Child Labour in Ghana

Mohmed Kuteh, Sierra Leone

Maliko, Chamara and Udara discuss causes of child labour ...

Fire crackers and child labour?

"The Child Labourer" by Udara Soysa

from Kremena Dimitrova, Bulgaria

Essays from West Africa Secondary School, Accra

Ida Midley on Child Labour in Ghana

Letters from Bangkok

Child Labor in the United States: Lauren & Jamie

"Have you forgotten your childhood?"
An essay by Sandeep Rodrigo, Sri Lanka

"Can We Make a Difference?": a poem by Nadine Bawab, National Orthodox School, Amman

"Child labour is a social injustice" ... by Udara Soysa, Royal College, Sri Lanka

Poems written by students of Warren Middle School, USA

"Child labour": an essay by Maitreyi Doshi

"Take care of the children."

"Shackled Children"

Child Labour in Mongolia

"In Senegal or in Africa generally, to fight against child labour, we must before resolve the problem of inequality, under education and poverty."

Book resources on child labour

From Redstone Farm Home School, India

Letter from Dakar, Senegal

A letter for those who exploit children

Mucheke High School, Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Child labour in Pakistan

from São Paulo to Amman

from São Paulo to Amman ... continued

... and responses from the National Orthodox School, Amman

from Anil Lakhani

Virtual March

Guatemala City

from Asad,
Karachi, Pakistan

Report on Melbourne Rally

The Urban Poor:
T. N. C. Gamage

Messages from Catalunya

From Hager Gamal in Palestine

Letters from Karachi

Interview from Bshamoun

Essays from Kenya

Ryan's reviews of child labour information

Student contributions: Writing 1

Student contributions: Writing 2

Student contributions: Art


Updates on the Global March