Worldwide more than 211 million children aged 5 to 14 are passing through different forms of child labour. They are treated as slaves and put in needless danger. Individual awareness and government commitment is important if we are going to eradicate child labour. Ending child labour -- together we can do it!

Today there is a dire need for youth to be concerned by the exploitation of children in dangerous and oppressive conditions at work. We encourage youth to research and advocate issues of child labor, devise, develop and implement action agendas.

Furthermore to regard and honor the child laborers and make them feel a part of our civilized society a day is set aside every year, on June 12, to address the problem of child labor. As part of iEARN's Fight Against Child Labour project participating students in their respective countries will celebrate World Day Against Child Labour by marking this day with round-the-clock conferences, pledges, demonstrations, rallies and speeches across the globe focusing on the worst forms of child labor and exploitation.

The event will be aimed to mobilize students around the world against child labour and its worst forms, reflecting local cultures and customs, while drawing attention of concerned authorities, the media, civil society and the public at large.

Child labour is a complex problem that requires comprehensive solutions. The June 12 observance will support the efforts to curb this menace and draw the attention of the world to take the task that lies ahead.

The project provides the potential for young people to adopt action agendas to assist in the abolition of the worst forms of child labour and to take action to provide educational opportunities for children around the globe. Young people are encouraged to contribute to the project, in whatever form they choose, in reporting on the situation in their country or their country's attitude to child labour issues.

Should students be concerned about human rights? Should they be concerned by the exploitation of children in dangerous and oppressive labour? Should they be concerned that millions of children around our globe lack access to education and decent life chances and spend their youth in degrading, exhausting and dangerous work?

The iEARN Fight Against Child Labour Project provides a venue for youth to research issues of child labour, discuss issues, devise, develop and implement action agendas.

The project originated at Bairnsdale Secondary College, Australia, and was originally coordinated by students in the College.

The project began in late 1997 as a way of supporting the Global March Against Child Labor. The project's organising students attended the Melbourne rally in March 1998 where they distributed badges in support of the March and where they collected email messages as part of their support of the Broad Meadows Middle School (MA USA) On-line March Against Child Labour. They assisted in the successful collection of the more than 3000 email messages against child labour which were amassed by Broad Meadows.

Since 1997 young people from Africa, Australia, North America, Europe and Asia have made their voices heard through discussions of child labour and exploitation.

Please spend some time reading the results of their research, their ideas and their pleas for justice for all children. Please support their efforts for change. Students wishing to be involved in this project can put forward their ideas through prose, poetry, art and cartoons. They can contribute on a "one-off" basis, involve themselves in on-going discussions or commit themselves to taking action along with others.

Work undertaken in the project so far can be found on this website or in the project archive.